Gary Jones Rally Pics
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About Me
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Having done photography for many years dating back to the late 80s and now with digital photography seemingly having taken over life is far easier to file images than years ago when film negatives were used.
I have done the photography for the Welsh Association Of Motor Clubs for the past three years and continue to do so to this day.
I am a regular contributor to the Haymarket publishing company, which publishes Motorsport News and Autosport magazine on a weekly basis.

One of my biggest commissioned photo shoots was with the late Richard Burns and the Motor Boat and Yachting Magazine which made a four-page feature. A day with Dai Llewelin down on his farm in Pembrokeshire on a two-page supplement for Motorsport News was another photo shoot great day’s out I must admit.



  • Canon EOS 1D body
  • 24mm - 70mm F2.8 tepephoto lens
  • 70mm - 200mm F2.8 telephoto lens
  • 300mm F2.8 prime lens
  • 20 - 35mm telephoto lens
  • 550 EX Flasguns x 2

Canon Photography